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Welcome to! A public access UNIX computer where queer
folks and allies can join to chill, play and create together!
<h3>Shared computer with other people!</h3>
<p> is one computer shared with a community. You interact
with the community in one machine using remote access tools like
<h3>Create stuff</h3>
We provide programming tools and servers such as HTTP, Gemini,
to let you create anything! We are working on tools to make
sharing among other users easier such as a local, user-maintained
package manager, UNIX groups for common ownership of data
(useful for collaboration!)
<h3>Social applications</h3>
We will provide stuff such as an IRC and our own BBS. Talk with
others, ask your questions, just like any chatting platform!
<h3>Made by queer people for queer people</h3>
This pubnix is entirely LGBTQ-friendly and we will not tolerate
hatespeech and discrimination against anybody.