Progress Quest as a Service.
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Progress Quest as a Service is a little program I made that reads from a
Progress Quest process' GUI to log it's game progress into a stream so I
can run it in a server and transmit the game progress in another application.


Windows API magic I guess, I never touched this API because Windows is kinda
bad but I was surprised how cool it actually was to do this kind of OS black


Recently I wanted to play Progress Quest again and I thought "what if I could
just let it run in a server and check in from another machine the progress of
the game?". So I've set up a Windows 7 virtual machine, learned the Windows SDK
and made this project out of boredom and curiousity about Windows' API.

You know that Progress Quest is open-source right?

Yes, I know that it is Free and Open Source Software but I thought it would be
much more fun to make it this way.

Does it works on <version>?

PQAAS has been tested on Progress Quest 6.2 and 6.4. The current frontend in runs on PQ 6.2. 6.4 does not work, it's broken and I
am not sure if I am going to fix that. Other versions has not been tested.

Isn't that cheating?

Idk. I don't think so.


Just use the Visual Studio Solution on Visual C++. I made this program on
Visual C++ 2010 because I don't like 2012 and higher versions. Idk if
these IDEs are fully backward compatible, but it should be probably because
I started this project Visual Studio 2005 then continued on 2010, just had to
do some conversion thing.


This project is licensed under the WTFPL license.