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<title>Reverse Card!</title>
<meta name=description content="Reverse Card epic gamer library!" />
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<h1>Reverse Card library</h1>
<p>Very poggers library of reverse cards!</p>
<a href="">Git</a>
<a href="">Matthilde's home</a>
<h2>Dear lord what the hell is this</h2>
It is the most amazing website you have ever seen! It has
all kind of reverse cards! (especially LGBT ones). YOU can
do a power move and add more reverse cards!
<b>NEW!</b> There is now an
<a href="/api/cards.json">API!</a>
<a href="">Non-binary</a>
<a href="">Transgender</a>
<a href="">Gay</a>
<a href="">Bi</a>
<a href="">Pansexual</a>
<a href="">Red</a>
<a href="">Yellow</a>
<span>copyright is cringe.</span>