C implementation of the Huffman Coding.
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huffman.c by matthilde

This is an implementation of the Huffman Coding algorithm, which is a lossless
compression algorithm, it is used in the DEFLATE algorithm and many others.
This project has no intent to be improved into an actual compression
algorithm as it is just a simple learning project to practice some programming
concepts and learn how the Huffman Coding works.


If you wish to actually use that tool, here's how you use it:
compresses the INPUTFILE and writes it to OUTPUTFILE. if no output
file has been specified, it will default to INPUTFILE.hmc.
takes an INPUTFILE that has been compressed with this tool and
decompresses its content to OUTPUTFILE. If no file has been specified,
it will also default to INPUTFILE minus 4 characters (yes i assume the
file has .hmc as file extension).

There is also a VERBOSE environment variable you can use in case you want to
see the generated symbol table and huffman tree for some reason. You just need
to set it to 1.
$ VERBOSE=1 ./huffman [your arguments]


Building that tool is fairly simple. You just have to type this command:
$ gcc -Wall -Wextra -pedantic -std=c99 -o huffman huffman.c
you can also type this shorter command if you wanna avoid some warnings popping
$ gcc -std=c99 -o huffman huffman.c


Since this is a learning project, I haven't actually bothered commenting much
the code. I'm sorry if this gives inconvenience. But almost everything has
been factored into a bunch of functions and not one huge block of code so it
should be fine to read i guess.


This project belongs to the public domain. Do whatever you want with it I don't