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v6 - CSS change and website rewrite

v5.2 - CSS change

Modified the whole CSS because I got bored of the previous layout.

v5.1 - Minor changes

Rewrote a few things and got rid of funbox's public access for now. Adding a wiki to put in personal notes and small things that does not deserve a whole site or a whole blog.

v5 - Fresh reinstall

I have reinstalled everything on my server because the file structure was a big mess, making it a bit inconvenient to do development or deploy other apps. So I have decided to reinstall everything. At the same time, I have did a few minor changes to the website to make it look better. Such as CSS fixes and a fresh new epic gamer dropdown menu.

Funbox will be up at some point. Which is a small Raspberry Pi server I will use to experiment and make applications just for fun. I will give it a subdomain whenever I want to share the experiments publicly.

I may also host honk at some point or completely migrate from gitea to something else. Not planned yet but I am thinking about it.

v4.1 - Small changes

Rewrote all my site's markdown and got rid of

v4 - Back to minimalism

This is the current layout of my site. I have stopped overthinking about a good web design and decided to make something that "just works". No complex CSS or whatever, just the required to make a good looking site.

And the cool thing about this site, is that it's Mothra-compatible (poggers).
Also Bludit and Flask apps are shit so now I use a static blog.

I have also updated the way I edit my site, which now works through a Git repo.

Solarr's site was released at the same time. Which was the portfolio of someone that I forgot about now. Trying accessing to this site will just give you a 502 Bad Gateway.

v3 - Crappy layout attempt

Basically I have tried to make a website that looks like my computer rice. But turns out it was complete shit so I have changed it shortly after it's release.

Here is the original changes.html of the v3 (This is literally the only version where I have found the changelog file. Others has been deleted.)



I finally found an interest to make my blog. I will talk about the projects
I make, random stuff that goes through my mind and kinda writeups of what I
learn. Unlike the previous version of my blog. This blog will have a better
layout. Still gonna try to keep it simple and minimalistic but will be
better than the previous one.


The old one was kinda borked and I got bored of it. So I made a new one.
And the epic thin about this one is that it looks like my desktop!


Basically I show up the best projects I have done or I am making.

v2 - New, fresh layout

New, simple layout. Blog has been deleted a bit after the new site. Webserver has been moved to a Dell OptiPlex shortly before the release of the v3.

v1 - First site layout

First version of the site.
The previous domain was and the webserver were hosted on a Raspberry Pi. The thing that has never changed since is NGINX, really poggers webserver.