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About me

I am a trans girl (or enby, idk) interested in computer science, maths, networking and probably other stuff. I try to read the interesting stuff, am not good at keep on reading a big book. I love listening to music.

The programming language I use the most is Python. I use Python because the most that I do are quick scripts, prototyping ideas, messing around with my computer. I also tend to use C for the latter.

I also have experience in managing servers as I am maintaining with a few friends and my own website, which is a VPS.

I am passionate about exploring various subjects, learning how things works, what they do, etc. There is plenty of things to study in the inside of a computer!

Someday, when I'll have the knowledge for this, I'll talk about politics in my blog, maybe, at some point, politics is not something I am 110% into but I'd like to share my views at some point and be able to elaborate.

I have a Git repo: