First attempt at a simple interpreted lang.
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Current version: 0.1.0


Coelho is my first attempt at making a simple interpreted lang. As with Bittur (a markup standard, parser, and runtime for binary turing machines) before it, Coelho will be first prototyped in Python, and then reimplemented in a more suitable compiled lang.

Coelho will not be designed to be useful or usable. It is not designed with any practical application in mind. Instead, it is designed to be as simple as possible for me to implement, while still being a functional programming language.

File Structure

The source files related to Coelho will be found in /src/. Any documentation on Coelho itself will be found in /docs/. Different branches of the repo will be used for the different versions of Coelho - the original Python version, and the subsequent reimplementation. The master branch will be kept up-to-date with the latest version of Coelho.

Please note at this point that all information contained herein is subject to change. Absolutely no element of this repository should be considered to be stable until release 1.0.0 is reached.