coreutils/busybox applets (certain/some) written in pure POSIX sh
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# SHapplet: Pure POSIX SH coreutils applet replacements
# minimum size applets can be found in ./bin/
# applets have been tested with `time`
- touch: same as coreutils
- ls: same as coreutils
- cat: slower when reading from binaries, same otherwise
- grep: same as coreutils
- seq: same as coreutils
- tr: same as coreutils
# daily use / first in $PATH
- setting shapplet/bin to the first in $PATH should cause no issues
- EXCEPT when using ls; ls lacks options such as -l and does NOT operate identically to coreutils
- I strongly advise users to NOT add ls as first in $PATH
# shellcheck should show no issues; `&&` and `||` are used over if for smaller code base