RoomBuilder (rbr) is a pure POSIX sh library to create "rooms" for the upcoming mia roguelike
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-- a room builder for the upcoming mia roguelike
Current Status
-- Abandoned; miarl to become Fragments
-- Which will feature a new custom algorithm
-- using on the fly generation of single chunk rooms
---- Idea originally seen in Dead Estate
---- go play that ;3
-- rbr uses a drunkard walk style algorithm for its generation atm
-- it should be noted that this algorithm is extremely slow in it's current form
-- in the future i may attempt new algorithms but this works for now
Exit codes
-- 10: generic rgrid errors
-- 12: typelist errors
---- 13: empty $2 in listr()
-- a nerdfonts compatible font should be used
-- please clone with `--recursive` as this project depends on the submods to operate