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Mia 2177ff3bcd
give news about Fragments 1 month ago
Mia da845a10db
update readme to reflect my future intents for miarl/rbr 1 month ago
Mia a3fb93bb05
change from MIT to UnLicense 2 months ago
Mia 46b87213ba
README 5 months ago
Mia 7db6d0e2cd
emergency commit -- wip 7 months ago
Mia 3d1b4810cb
make actually posix compat -- dash shell handles unicode weirdly -- fixed 7 months ago
Mia 035b6f1b62
major bug "fixed": it was unicode... 7 months ago
Mia a3261029a9
major bug: listr() breaks with dash shell 7 months ago
Mia fbd467e103
0.0.3 -- just adds back state system 7 months ago
Mia 7b878eaf17
0.0.2 !!! 7 months ago
Mia 8bd5c8b99c
WIP v0.0.2; most changes are for room detection 7 months ago
Mia 7e734f7244
v0.0.1 7 months ago
Mia f5a090c695
next up is diagonal pos(); taking a break for now 7 months ago
Mia 54c9922b13
positional logic doing good... but need to make pos() for corners due to issues with generation of secondary lines 7 months ago
Mia e5017d6dc7
wip positional logic 7 months ago
Mia 2e258ebf12
wip logic with nicole 8 months ago
Mia ffa1f7a241
next up is the logic 8 months ago
Mia ea78b13f74
use a case statement for listgen; additonally only call listgen if otypelist is unset; next up is the index for the entire screen 8 months ago
Mia 0f45825472
update readme 8 months ago
Mia 2761db16ae
get listgen() half working; make ptui obsolete (??); shit is slow as balls lol (idk why aaaaaa) 8 months ago
Mia 2a4452786d
algo is WIP but starting to come together !! 8 months ago
Mia d76e8b7dfa
pull in new psh-prng commit as current work needs the bug fix 8 months ago
Mia d709762533
some work on rgrid 8 months ago
Mia b482d2be07
rework some shit; abandon sector setup; change how the algo "will" work; do nothing 8 months ago
Mia 6f2ce38160 pull in rng submod 8 months ago
Mia e9b220e028 write up on PRNG generation and the various ways /I/ have thought of to generate them in pure POSIX sh 8 months ago
Mia 4694839f34 setup some env bs; pull in new ptui commit 8 months ago
Mia e9b3b6928d scrap old project; create rparse; pull in new commit from ptui 8 months ago
Mia bcca7f1db5 get a multiroom parser working 8 months ago
Nicole P. Lastname 6c7658e270 repo needs to be cloned recursively, fixed(?) formatting 8 months ago
thatgeekyweeb 053c1dcb03 init 8 months ago
Mia fe28378b5c Initial commit 8 months ago