morsh reincarnated as a en/de coder for my own personal lang; making use of < and > with an estimated index size of 88!
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# Misha
- The reincarnation of morsh with Mia's own personal lang!
# Indexing and size
- Misha should have an estimated index size of 88 (as in 88 different matches)
- This is "slightly overkill", but works as follows;
-- The english alphabet has 26 letters
--- Instead of matching each letter to a single pattern
---- Misha matches each 2 letter pair to a pattern (52)
-- Misha will also feature a single letter fallback index (78)
--- Plus the numbs 1 - 9 (87) along with a speical pattern for spaces (88)
# Obviously with 88 possible patterns Misha isn't meant to be memorized :p