POSIX sh fediverse client - Because I hate myself uwu
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Fedish is now considered deprecated.

It my still work in most ways, however there are know issues with the web auth system.
Additionally this is is not pure sh, and will not recieve futher work.


  • fauth replaces the webapp auth service
    • In pure sh + curl
  • posh offers a terminal based poster
    • In pure sh + curl

And there are plans for additional standalone modules
The following are currently planned:

  • Timeline handler
  • Notif daemon
  • Interaction handler
    • /with/ reply support

These are planned to be pure sh + curl based
A wrapper is /not/ planned.


Fedish is a POSIX sh client for the Fediverse!


$ git clone https://github.com/ThatGeekyWeeb/fedish.git
$ cd fedish
$ ./fedish gen "<INSTANCE URL (WITH HTTP(S)://)>"
  "id": "XXX",
  "name": "fedish",
  "redirect_uri": "https://thatgeekyweeb.github.io/fedish/callback",
  "website": null,
  1. Head to the fedish webapp
  2. Press "start", and input the requested data from the info ./fedish gen <> returned
  3. Authorize fedish
  4. Copy and paste the data on screen to ~/.cache/fedish/authkeys
  5. ./fedish for usage!