POSIX sh fediverse client - Because I hate myself uwu
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Fedish is a POSIX sh client for the Fediverse!


$ git clone https://github.com/ThatGeekyWeeb/fedish.git
$ cd fedish
$ ./fedish gen "<INSTANCE URL (WITH HTTP(S)://)>"
  "id": "XXX",
  "name": "fedish",
  "redirect_uri": "https://thatgeekyweeb.github.io/fedish/callback",
  "website": null,
  1. Head to the fedish webapp
  2. Press "start", and input the requested data from the info ./fedish gen <> returned
  3. Authorize fedish
  4. Copy and paste the data on screen to ~/.cache/fedish/authkeys
  5. ./fedish for usage!