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# nihil
### _Aubrey Lambda_
# Nihil
This is a project to do ... something.
_DISCLAIMER: everything on this page is a joke (even the comments on the source code), none of it is intended for serious use or is the real opinions of the author (nor should you take any of this as fact)_
## License
### The Nihil language
youre mom!!
The Nihil language is the most advanced programming language ever, it has been the result of numerous years of research at the Albacete University of Technology and Science and it is the first language to make use of the cutting-edge programming paradigm of non-operational programming. It aims (and delivers) to provide 100% safe and bug-free code while also keeping performance at its peak with our patented compiler technology and being incredibly easy to learn, use and maintain.
Non-operational programming is the pinnacle of a lineage of declarative programming paradigms, but it seeks to side-step the troubling problems of usability by willfully being as unusable as possible. It is thus evident that the thesis of non-operational programming lies at examinning programming not as a problem to be solved, but as a problem to not be solved. Nihil and non-operational programming languages such as NOOP [Dick Johnson et al. 1969] are not turing complete on purpose, for inaction is the safest and quickest form of inaction.
Here are some quotes from our lead thinkers on the field:
_"Can't go wrong if you cant do anything!" -Elber Galarga, lead designer and idea haver of Nihil on why non-operational programming is ideal_
_"I believe non-operational programming could have a lot of applications in the OS market, we tried pitching our idea of NihilOS to Microsoft but theyre not ready for it yet." -Ana Cardo, designer of Nihil's revolutionary type system_
_"I dont know what this is about, is this another one of your pranks, Alicia?" -Juan Itor, local janitor at Albacete University of Technology and Science_
### Basic use of the Nihil language
The Nihil language has a very minimalist design, so it shouldnt take much text to explain it all
##### The type system ==============================================================================
Nihil only has one type, the unsigned integer (some may call it a natural number).
##### The basic syntax ==============================================================================
Nihil only has one form in its syntax, and that is the following:
`nihil <arg>`
which corresponds to the `nihil` instruction, which in turn does nothing for the amount of cycles specified by `<arg>`. In special circumstances `<arg>` may be ommited, in such cases it is inferred to be 1.
### Compiling Nihil from source
If you want to compile the magnificent Nihil language from source, youre going to need to know how to compile the second best language in the world (Common Lisp, the first one is ofc Nihil), so you're gonna need either SBCL or CCL (our team hasnt tried to compile with any other implementations so try others at your discretion). Our team will provide a build script soon enough.