i had a dumb idea to select soma.fm stations from a menu and pipe it into mpv that's all lol i mean it's useful for me personally so there's a chance someone else would like it too
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## mewshik -- a horrible little music player
A script that connects to SomaFM's internet radio stream and shoves it into your favorite music player.

## Installation & Dependencies
mewshik depends on:
+ A music player that can stream from URLs
- This can be defined by exporting 'MUS_PLAYER' in your shell's startup file (e.g. '.bashrc')
+ a POSIX-compliant shell
- I develop and test my scripts with the debian almquist shell (dash)
On any sane system, '/bin/sh' is going to be a dash executable.
But on many Linux distros, it's symlinked to GNU Bash. You should fix that.

To install the script, place it anywhere in your shell's $PATH

## Usage
mewshik works by telling your music player to play a SomaFM audio stream through the URL 'https://somafm.com/<the station>.pls'
+ Calling mewshik followed by a station name will clear the screen and tells the music player to attempt a connection to the URL.
+ Calling mewshik with no arguments will prompt you to enter a station name, then attempts to connect.
# Flags
+ Calling mewshik with the '-d' flag before the station name will detach the player from the terminal;
it will run as its own process and won't die when the shell exits.
- This will also work with the interactive prompt; '-d' doesn't need an argument
## Caveats
+ If 'MUS_PLAYER' is undefined, it will default to 'mpv'.
+ Generally, it is =NOT= a good idea to detach mpv (or similar) with the '-d' flag.
When the shell exits, mpv wiggles out and is still going to run in the background.
It'll only stop when if it's remotely controlled (usually something along the lines of 'killall mpv')